The Return of the Fireside Bowl!

When I was in high school I had a bootleg Alkaline Trio concert live from the Fireside Bowl. The Fireside was like a mythological venue that my friends and I would read about in music zines and on the internet. What’s not to love, it’s a DIY venue in a BOLWING ALLEY!!!!1! All these great bands that we loved had either played there, or we’re going to play there. We often would find out who was going to play and try to come up with a way to take a road trip from New Jersey to Chicago without our parents ever finding out. In 2004 the Fireside Bowl stopped doing shows and started to focus solely on being bowling alley.

Venues like this are a vital to our music scene. We need more places like this and sadly more of them close than open anymore. I’m glad to hear the Fireside is back doing shows. Maybe I’ll finally make that road trip.

Check out this great article from the Chicago News Cooperative on the reopening of the Fireside Bowl


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