Your Band Really Sucks.

I don’t say that to be mean but more than likely this is the truth.

“Well why does my band suck?”

The answer isn’t a simple as to why your band sucks, long story short, lots of reasons. I’m not talking about talent either, you may be the best jam reggae jazz flute band around, but mostly you suck because you have no real clue on how to market yourself and really get out there.

“But we’re all over Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, and we even have our singer on E-Harmony talking up our shows to lonely divorced housewives!”

Well that’s great, but really what does that really mean? I’ve seen pets on Myspace with 1,500+ friends. Social networking sites are amazing resources, but most bands don’t really have any clue on how to use them effectively.

“Well it’s cool because my cousin totally has a friend who works the mailroom at TightPants Records and were totally going to score a deal.”

I hear this often from bands, my goal is with this blog is to show you a different way of thinking. If you want to be a serious band, you need to treat your band like a business. Labels are great, I’ve worked with a few and even had my own as a teenager. However to really get noticed by a label or to even get a fair deal you need to be a self-sufficient. Once you’re really up and going you may not even feel you need a label.

I plan to take what I’ve learned from being in this crazy industry and help you, Unisigned Band. Right now the goal is to write a column a week and see how this goes from there. I’m also looking to do a question and answer section. So if you have any questions please send them to


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3 responses to “Your Band Really Sucks.

  1. Jon

    I personally feel there are already way too many books and websites in existence that address the business side of a band. In my experience, making quality music is the most crucial factor to building a fan base, but it’s also rarely mentioned when people discuss how to make your band successful. Instead, everyone focuses on the marketing aspects. They tell you how to spread the word about your band on the streets, how to make videos, and how to add gimmicks to your show to get remembered. This is great and all, but even if you do all of this stuff perfectly, if your music sucks, I’m still not coming to your show. It doesn’t matter how many flyers you pass around, how many free CDs you hand out, or how many facebook invites you send. If the music stinks, people won’t show up. Discussions about marketing are great if your band already has the chops and lacks direction, but since the majority of small time bands can’t even get their music together, marketing is a completely overdone topic. Even if you do get a crowd at your show with a bunch of fancy flyers, if the music sucks, all you’re going to do is make sure these people and their friends never come to another one of your shows again.

    Once your music is good, everything starts coming together without as much effort. People talk to you after the show, they actually seek YOU out on myspace (weird, right?), and somehow they always know when the shows are, even when you forget to mass email everyone the night before.

    What musicians really need is a blog that let’s them know how they can tell if their music isn’t as good as they think it is. I think it’s a sensitive topic for people that consider themselves real musicians, so no one wants to delve into it, but seriously… If you’ve played 20 shows and you still can’t get anyone to show up to your set, you need to consider it may not be a problem with marketing skills.

    A blog that deals a serious dose of reality may not be as welcomed as one that tells musicians all their problems are “business” related, but it is far more needed.

    • I think you are correct, there are a lot of books and websites that deal with the business side of being in a band. I think most of them suck however. I know I’m not reinventing the wheel with what I’m writing about however I’m not pushing you to buy a web seminar or a book where you’re told to send flowers to the booking agent to help you stand out.

      The reason I have decided to focus on marketing is because it’s something I enjoy and it’s teachable. Not every band is going to make it famous, not every band is going to make tons of money, but maybe something you learn here can help you along the way or transfer elsewhere in your life.

      Just because a band has talent doesn’t mean magically come together for you. My cd collection is filled with great bands you’ve never heard of. Some of them never even got past the local scene. Are the local bands that can’t play in tune going to get very far? No, they aren’t, at least not until they learn to play in tune. Pretty much anything past playing out of tune becomes subjective. It would be honestly pretty easy to start a blog and tell you if your band sucks or not. I’m sure it would get tons of traffic and I could sell ads and use the money to buy hookers and blow. I’m just not really interested in doing that though because while I have a really good ear for talent, it’s just my opinion. I think Nickleback is pretty shitty boring cock rock, but there are about 7 million people (mostly Canadian) who disagree with that statement. Anyone can start that site really, but unless you’re someone of note no one really gives a fuck what you think, the market dictates which bands make it and which don’t.

      My goal with this is to teach bands how to be better from mistakes I’ve seen made over and over again. I can’t promise anything I write is going to be the magic key and unlocks the tour bus filled with strippers for you but it can’t hurt to get out there and try.

  2. red 7 and emo’s in austin texas?

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