Is This The End of Myspace?

Really great read from Ben Par over at Mashable about what Apple’s new Ping network means for Myspace Music. Is this the end of Myspace Music? Will Ping flop? What do you think?

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One response to “Is This The End of Myspace?

  1. Will ping be the decline and fall of myspace?? No, not until they transition to something more than a mouthpiece for the establishment or industry. Currently, it’s pretty much a ‘by invitation’ only network on the artists side. Sure, you and I can get have an individual account, cause we might just spend some cash on Itunes….but for the indie or unisigned artist, well we’re shit outta luck participating in this venture…at least for now. No, myspace is don’ a really good job of cookin’ their own goose slowly, they need no assistance to fubar themselves….and while we’re on it, facebook isn’t any better. We see them as conduits leading back to our own website and as outlets to pass along whatever social media strategies that we’re currently working on.

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