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Street Marketing: A Competitive Advantage

I realize that not everyone who reads this blog is in a band. I’ve gotten plenty of e-mails from people who own businesses who are looking for more information and help in social media and street marketing. So to help, I’ve decided to post some stuff I’ve written for my job. This particular article is meant to be an introduction to street marketing and how it can help your business. Enjoy!

Street Marketing: A Competitive Advantage

Consumers are smart, they can see a super slick sales pitch from a mile away. Today’s consumer doesn’t want to buy products from soulless, faceless company’s they want to buy products from people they know and trust. That is where I feel street marketing can make the strongest difference for your brand. Whether your company is nationwide or just one single storefront, word of mouth is such a strong marketing tool. Adding a street marketing element to your marketing plan can give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

When a lot of people hear the word street marketing people tend to picture flyers haphazardly placed on car windshields.  While that may have been at one point a form of street marketing, it’s an ineffective use of time and money. I use the term street marketing as a broad term to cover a lot of different marketing tactics. A lot of people use the term “Guerilla Marketing” also, for whatever reason we always used the term “Street Marketing” and it’s engraved in my lexicon. When I talk about street marketing I’m talking about everything from well targeted collateral campaigns, event marketing, and social media campaigns just to name a few.

I first started doing street marketing when I was 16 years old. I did flyer runs for an independent record label on my bike. I’ve used street marketing in almost every job I’ve had since then. I’ve created a small local campaign for a pizzeria and have done large scale national campaigns for record labels and music festivals. No matter what your brand or your budget you can start a street marketing team that will begin to deliver results right away.

I know the idea of starting your own street marketing program might be overwhelming at first. There are so many channels and directions that you can go in. My advice to you would be to start with a small group of five people. More than likely these people will be from your consumer base, which will help you figure out the best plan of action. They will be able to give you some great insight into your consumer base. This information will be vital to your street marketing plan and should give you the groundwork on where to start. If you have any questions about starting a street marketing program, or already have one and are looking for some fresh ideas, feel free to e-mail me at craig.patton@efkgroup.com



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How to Promote Your Band 101 – Concert Flyers

Through my years of music promotion I’ve seen my share of concert flyers. A rare few actually worth a second glace. If you’re trying to be a serious band you need to look at your band as a business/brand. Everything you put forward is trying to gain a bigger audience, so if you give me a flyer that looks like it took you 5 minutes to design I’m already making judgments about you. If you’re a struggling artist or band trying to set yourself apart from all the other struggling acts is kind of important. So unless you want start wearing clown makeup or becoming a performance art act you might want to take a look at what you’re handing out to people. Does it look something like this?

Side Note: If your band name is WE RAPED SANTA CLAUS not only will I go see your band I will totally buy a T-shirt.


Now take a look at this.

If someone is in the business of booking or signing bands I can tell you for sure which show they are more likely to check out. They are always going to check out the band that looks to have their shit together.

So what can you do?

I realize not everyone is an artist. However more than likely you already know someone who can draw, paint, Photoshop, finger paint etc. Sit down with them and ask them if they can help you design a decent show flyer or poster. Also check out local art colleges, most of those kids have free time and the talent to really make some rad stuff. Plus if they are really cool you can print up extras and sell them. (Don’t be a dick and not give the artist a cut too).

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