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Making The Video

Check out these DIY music videos from the Defog. The first one was shot by the band and the second was done by Josh Carter.



This just goes to show you don’t really need a ton of money to make a really good video. I knew of a band that spent a good $7,500 on their video. I’d post a link to the video but they broke up before they were even done editing it. I’m not just talking a simple live shot video either, they had full on costumes and a fucking crane shot!

Now if you’re in a band that can afford all of that, well then by all means have at it. However I’m going to think 95% of you reading this can’t. So if you’re lucky enough to live by a high school or college with a film program you should be able to find lots of students sitting around with expensive equipment dying to find something to shoot.

If you don’t happen to have film students at your disposal your video doesn’t even have to be filmed necessarily. The Josh Carter Downstream video was done in Flash. Just go out and be creative and if you are not creative go out and find people who are, they will more than likely be happy to work with you. As I come across more interesting videos I’ll post them here.

The Defog


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